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Why You Should Use a Newsclip Service

Finders, keepers! A wealth of market information--some buried, some obvious–can be mined for you as we sift the fine print of newspapers and journals to supply you with:

  • sales leads and business opportunities.
  • bid listings and project proposals.
  • construction, renovation, expansion proposals.
  • client leads and news of your competitors.
  • news of changes in corporate personnel and executives.
  • news of life passages: births, marriage or death notices.
  • news of real estate transactions, new tenants, new owners.
  • knowledge of the types of news individual newspapers print to help target your marketing efforts.
  • names of community leaders, charitable donors and interests.
  • plant announcements, openings, expansions, and closings.
  • material to build or update mailing lists.
  • news of business relocations, address changes for file maintenance.
  • news of new rulings, regulations or restrictions of governmental agencies.

Who would have guessed the formula for donor gold might contain old-fashioned newsprint? This quick and inexpensive ingredient sets you and your agency apart by allowing you to:

  • assess what competing organizations are doing, offering, etc.
  • analyze publicity efforts through news coverage, public service ads.
  • identify prospects for fundraising, development, volunteers, or board of directors.
  • determine the current donation patterns of foundations and corporations.
  • compare executive compensation of competition or employees.
  • track business relocations and address changes for file maintenance.
  • gather idea-starters and examples of ceremonies, events, open house, fund-raisers, etc.
  • survey names of community leaders, charitable donors and interests.
  • verify donors’ publicity.

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You don’t need 007 to get the media intelligence you require in today’s wired world– there’s no substitute for press clips to verify competitive info "for your eyes only," such as:

  • biographical information, bankruptcy declarations.
  • news of mergers, takeovers, sales of companies.
  • credit and historical information.
  • new product announcements, area demographics, and relevant statistics.
  • competitors’ status, offerings, newsworthiness, etc.
  • obituaries - foreshadowing executive changes, ownership switches, etc.
  • politicians' names, constituency, voting records, and so forth.
  • new plant announcements, openings, or construction plans.
  • environmental issues, legislative changes, or trends.
  • economic news or forecasts for business planning.
  • price, postage, rate or tax increases.
  • average salary increases for budget planning.
  • local or state government deliberations and actions.
  • business relocations and address changes for file maintenance.
  • new rulings, regulations, or restrictions of government agencies.
  • weather reports and stories for performance verification.

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Swimming with sharks and unable to keep up? Let us toss you an information lifeline that’ll keep you on top by helping you find:

  • trends in damage, injury or other legal settlements.
  • news of union or wage settlements.
  • information for identification of heirs or distribution of estates.
  • news of accidents, causes of death, injury, or product failure.
  • local or state government deliberations and actions.
  • news of new rulings, regulations, or restrictions of government agencies.
  • weather reports and stories for performance verification.

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"What have you done for me lately?" News clippings of press releases validate your efforts, but here are more ways press clippings can keep you high in approval ratings:

  • providing alerts to problems or complaints by the public, community, or your customers.
  • helping to quantify the exposure or amount of lineage the competition is getting.
  • establishing publicity benchmarks for new business initiatives.
  • helping to understand the editorial needs of newspapers to better assess why your news isn't used.
  • providing publication mastheads for presentations.
  • providing the same information the public gets on your projects, topics, issues, etc.–intended and unintended!
  • surveying editorials and letters to editor to find out what people think.
  • verifying proper advertising use of client name, logo, support claims, etc.
  • supplying information for analysis of clients’ publicity.
  • quantifying coverage line count to increase/defend your budget or position.
  • providing evidence of the geographical distribution of a story.
  • providing proof of wire service use or pick-up of a story.
  • finding opportunities for public speakers or locating speakers for meetings, workshops, etc.
  • press relations/correspondence with editors, reporters.
  • providing alerts for correction of misused or misprinted information.
  • serving up fresh ideas and examples of ceremonies, events, open houses, fund-raisers, novel PR programs, etc.

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"Nothing but the facts, ma’am," is sound advice for those critical speeches, articles, and presentations. Our highly skilled readers and researchers can help you to:

  • accumulate data, case studies, and examples for research, articles, reports, and book authors.
  • keep abreast of names, changes in personnel, journalists, businesses, boards for directors, etc.
  • identify experts in a particular field.
  • track breakthroughs, discoveries, or research findings.
  • find inspiration or corroboration for your creative ideas.
  • identify critical information sources.
  • create background files for feature articles or speech writing.
  • discover relevant artwork, maps, graphs, or tables.
  • support your position for editorial letters and articles.
  • ferret out hard to find biographical information.

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"Build it and they will come"– unless someone beats you to the punch. Stay one step ahead by subscribing to press clippings of:

  • early discussion of proposed projects and corporate or community needs.
  • bid notices or news notices of rebids.
  • bond issue proposals, passage, and failures.
  • names, titles, addresses, and duties of government regulators.
  • zoning and code changes, or requirements from local government meetings.
  • personnel changes for mailing-list building or to get on bidder’s lists.
  • weather reports for performance verification and other records.

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Writer’s block? Budget cramps? Thankless task syndrome or too tight deadlines? We can’t solve all your ills, but we can help find:

  • feature stories as a basis for brochures, internal, or membership magazine articles.
  • potential sources for placement of your personnel as expert resources for journalists.
  • relevant news for newsletters.
  • leads to help build mailing lists.
  • clippings for informational display on in-house bulletin boards and web pages.
  • news of employee, company, or industry awards, changes, and news.
  • notifications of business relocations and address changes for file maintenance.
  • meeting announcements and information for calendar planning.
  • data to support trend analysis.
  • advance warning of unfavorable legislation or industry threats.
  • evidence for public perception tracking through op-ed and letters to editors.
  • news of life passages: births, marriage or death notices for alumni, past or present employees, etc.
  • news mentions of alumni, past or present employees, etc.

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Obituaries/Life Stories help you keep track for:

  • alumni, employee, corporate publications.
  • mailing list update.
  • expressions of sympathy.
  • causes of death.
  • research.

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Want to increase retrieval of your news?

  • Alert your clipping service in advance, not after the event.

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Are you receiving everything you think you should? Clipping orders, like clothing, are often in need of updating to see if everything still fits and is usable.

  • Review your order with your clipping service. Your order may reek of mothballs having been placed years ago by someone else who had your position and now needs a fresh perspective!

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Eliminate the guesswork!!

  • Be sure you update in writing all name changes of clients, institutions, programs, new divisions, etc.

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Remember that old saw about the squeaky hinge getting the oil?

  • Put your clipping bureau on your media distribution list to receive releases, updates and alerts.
  • Send reminders! Call reminders! Fax reminders! E-mail reminders! Just please don’t send pieces of string…

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It takes two to tango — and to keep track of your seasonal events!

  • Don’t miss that first flush of publicity on your upcoming special event or annual program because you forgot to alert the clipping bureau that it should begin clipping.
  • Make clipping part of your early planning. Allow enough time on your start and cut off dates for all publicity to run.
  • Give alternate forms of event name. Publications often don’t include, or drop, part of the name.
  • Ask your bureau to list your events as a "seasonal order" so that it remains on readers’ current orders. The bureau maintains a seasonal tickle-file and reminds readers to be on the lookout for coverage.

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"The times they are a changin’." Even Bob Dylan didn’t realize how much when it comes to information. Ask us about:

  • E-mail clips and archives.
  • Clip analysis.
  • Internet clipping searches.
  • TV and radio monitoring.
  • Fax clips.
  • State, regional, national and international press clipping.

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You don’t have to be invited to the wedding to share in the event! Wedding and engagement announcement clippings are often used for:

  • Employee publications or bulletin boards.
  • Alumni communications.
  • Mailing list management.
  • Business leads.

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Think positively and smartly! Clippings can provide most everything you want to know but are afraid to ask about your competitors or prospects:

  • Compare their news coverage to yours.
  • Assess advertising frequency and spending.
  • Set benchmarks to assess effect of increased publicity efforts.
  • Garner ideas to better target your news efforts.

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The news you don’t expect may be the most important news of all!

  • Pre-arrange with your clipping service about what kind of news you need to see or know about ASAP and understand any additional charges for faxing, weekend monitoring, etc.
  • Be sure your order requests editorials and letters to the editor, even political cartoons, so that you can assess fast moving public opinion.
  • Talk frankly to your clipping bureau when bad news is expected. They understand the need for confidentiality.
  • Let your staff people know to expect these kinds of special clippings! Otherwise that important clip you’re waiting on might be in the rejected clip mail back to the bureau.

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