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The MNS Story

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In 1985, when MNS founder Shirley Giebel was unable to find a reliable and affordable news clipping service for her public relations clients, she did her homework and decided a quality bureau was indeed needed in Missouri . As a clipping service customer herself, she was able to quickly prioritize the requirements for the service that could fill that need: the service must provide comprehensive news coverage that is tailored for client’s needs while providing timely response and neat, accurate clips at a price that fit their overhead structure. These were the guiding principles on which Metropolitan Newsclips Service was founded.

Bureaus across the country with clipping needs from Missouri publications immediately became partner-subscribers. Through these cooperating bureaus MNS is able to offer media reach throughout the nation and 78 countries worldwide. The firm’s major source of growth was, and continues to be, word-of-mouth recommendations from our clients, which today span the spectrum of business, health care, education, legal organizations, public relations, volunteer service, politics, government and more.

In October 1999, Shirley’s daughter, Gina Giebel Wilmering, became president and owner of the family business. Gina was a part of MNS in various capacities for the previous ten years, and she continues the firm’s commitment to personal, responsive service. In response to increasing customer requests for full-service media coverage she has added television and radio monitoring, internet search, electronic clip delivery and clip analysis to MNS’ core services. Steady growth has prompted the consolidation of two small offices into our new and larger united facility - providing our clients one-stop services under one roof.

Today, MNS is a recognized leader in the industry. Gina is an officer of the only clipping industry trade organization — the North American Conference of Press Clipping Services, an international congress with members throughout the world. Shirley is a past president and currently serves as a board member of the organization.

Our philosophy at MNS is as simple today as it was in 1985:

  • Don’t over-promise.
  • Keep your word.
  • Treat clients’ needs as if they are our own.

Gina Wilmering —Owner, President

Gina’s penchant for reading, research and attention to detail led her to become a part-time employee in the family business in 1989 even while working as a full-time registered nurse in the St. Louis area. When her mother Shirley, founder of MNS, began to contemplate retirement, Gina was asked to consider a career change to continue the business. After much thought, and with the prompting of the transformations occurring in the healthcare industry, Gina accepted and became the owner and president of MNS in 1999. Gina brings a strong work ethic and organizational skills to the business along with a vision that has resulted in the addition of new services and employees. Even with the demands of running the business she feels there is no substitute for being in the trenches — her hands-on approach ensures that Gina keeps sight of both client and employee needs.

Cheryll Meyer — Bureau Chief, Vice President

Cheryll first realized the value of press clippings during her employment with a public relations firm. When she came to MNS in 1985 she was able to blend this experience with her managerial skills to help develop a comprehensive, responsive service for our clients. As bureau chief she is the friendly voice and capable presence you talk to most often. Energetic and keenly interested in making sure orders are efficiently written to produce the best results, Cheryll works closely with our clients and directs the day to day operations of the office personnel to make sure they get the tailored service they require. Having been with MNS since the beginning, Cheryll has played a significant role in establishing MNS as a leader in the industry.

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Certified as a Woman-Owned Enterprise in the State of Missouri

Members of the North American Conference of Press Clipping Services,
International Association of Broadcast Monitors, and the Saint Louis
Regional Commerce and Growth Association

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