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Please let us know if you want us to take the following types of clips. We've listed some suggestions on how to use them. Be sure to check "YES" if you want the clips or "NO" if you do not want the clips.


Yes No

  • Track the competition.
  • Track your paid and PSA ads.
Letters to the editor Yes No  
  • Monitor the public’s opinion.
Repeats in chain papers Yes No  
  • Papers are geared toward neighborhood news.
  • Your interests may appear in one paper or all of them.
  • You can see it every time or limit your order.
Sports Yes No  
  • Follow students’ or sponsored teams’ accomplishments.
Only sports listings/box scores Yes No  
  • Should you choose to omit game listings and box scores, you can still receive sports news stories.
Wire service stories Yes No  
  • Once your news story is picked up by a wire service, see which papers across the state or country will choose to run it.
Obits Yes No  
  • Update alumni records.
  • Track which obituaries list your organization for donations.
Calendar items Yes No  
  • Confirm accuracy of event dates and times.
Births, patient conditions, admissions Yes No  
  • Track overall general mentions of your hospital.
Editorials Yes No  
  • Monitor how your interests are presented to the public.
Weddings/Engagements Yes No  
  • Update alumni records.
  • Acquire new business leads for services.
Stock tables/Listings Yes No  
  • Should you choose to omit these, you can still receive stock and earnings news stories.

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Certified as a Woman-Owned Enterprise in the State of Missouri

Members of the North American Conference of Press Clipping Services,
International Association of Broadcast Monitors, and the Saint Louis
Regional Commerce and Growth Association

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