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Clip Analysis

What is the value of your your media coverage? More and more corporations today are looking to quantify their publicity bottom lines when it comes to precious overhead expenditures. MNS will track your media coverage in Missouri print markets in order to quantify your overall audience impressions and market by market media values, then deliver clear, concise summary reports that detail market coverage, publicity, and equivalent advertising value.

Internet Monitoring

The Internet has become an important tool in a comprehensive media intelligence strategy. Online publications and blogs provide yet another rich source for information about clients and competitors, as well as public opinion and critical information about your vital business interests. Using our clients’ subjects or keywords, we will search the web (including blogs) for related content, and provide daily emails with links to relevant search results. Our staff reviews all potential links and ensures that the content of each link is relevant before we send them to you. Most of our clients who take advantage of Internet Monitoring service use it to supplement their regular newspaper clips as part of an integrated approach.

Broadcast Newsclips

We offer a variety of broadcast monitoring services through our strategic parterships with local and regional providers (including national coverage). Give us a call to discuss how we can provide an integrated package of print, online, and broadcast monitoring services.





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Writer’s block? Budget cramps? Thankless task syndrome or too tight deadlines? We can’t solve all your ills, but we can help find:

clippings for informational display on in-house bulletin boards & web pages.

news of employee, company, or industry awards, changes, & news.

notifications of business relocations & address changes for file maintenance.

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